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Get A Customized Oil Guide

You have your oils… now what?!

We know that using oils isn’t always a cookie cutter formula for everyone. You may have different reasons for starting with oils than your friend down the street. Myself and my team want to make sure that you feel empowered and confident when pulling out those brown bottles so we want to offer you a customized guide!

Fill out the information below so we are able to provide you with a guide to help you start using your oils daily. Guides may take up to 7 days to receive as all of them are completely tailored to your needs.

I love this oil guide! It’s seriously so hopeful. I keep trying to add more and more things in. It’s so helpful though to just have it all here when I forget what something is for and experimenting more with diffusing. I need to just take a bit to make all my roller bottles for myself but I am so excited to experiment with those! I just wanted to tell you thank you! I am actually using my oils! This is has been really really helpful! Thank you for all of the time you put into this. I truly appreciate the time you poured in and making it easier. I didn’t know to put oils over my heart- never thought of that for calming. I always was so overwhelmed with what goes where and how. Been meaning to message you and tell you how great this is!!!
— Jenni P

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ie. getting better sleep, increasing my energy, overall immune health, hormone issues
The more info I have the more customized I can create your guide!