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I LOVE working with Angie! I reached out to her when I was looking to create my brand. She was able to help me to create a simple yet authentic brand which I loved. Angie also did a great job helping me to figure out how to market to my target market. This was huge for me working in health and wellness, it’s a very big industry. Working with Angie helped me to build confidence to connect with the people I wanted to work with. She is amazing, very good at what she does, and best of all super fun to work with.
— Jen E, Thrive

Coffee & CLARITY

I am a living testament that some of the best ideas, those ah-ha moments, in business have come over coffee.

Even though you may have been searching for clarity for months, after 45 minutes sipping on a cup of joe (or tea- whatever your jam is), it comes to light.

Now, I might not know everything about your business, but I do know marketing. And as much as I love the energy coffee gives me, nothing gets me fired up more than seeing that spark in an entrepreneur’s eyes when they get that dose of clarity. The one that tells me they had the breakthrough they needed & are ready to go.

So this is my invitation. Let’s have coffee. 

This is how our coffee date will go down…

» I’ll shoot you over a short form.

I want to know some background. No need to eat up any of our quality one-on-one time with the basics. None of this awkward “getting to know each other thing”, I want to dig deep right away just like you’re sitting across from your best business girlfriend.   

» We will plan a 45 minute virtual coffee date.

Why virtually? Because no one loves the back and forth of finding a place in the middle and I don’t want to take the chance of sitting next to the person who forgot their headphones at home, but insist on watching online videos at max volume. This time is all about you and your business. We can use it brainstorming, digging into a specific business goal, plans to implement- whatever you’d like (you will have a game plan based on your form).

Don’t worry, if you are completely lost and don’t know what you need (BECAUSE hello, been there!), I will take the lead and guide you in the conversation.

» I want to keep in touch.

I know that I’ve walked away from coffee meetings buzzed up on caffeine only to kick myself for not asking that one question or being confused on something they said, but not realizing it until later. This is your chance to double up on the clarity. You'll have an option to do a 15 minute call within 30 days of our time together so I can answer any questions you have.

If you have been searching for someone to brainstorm with, need a soundboard, and/or need that outside perspective to get you & your business to the next level, here it is.

And if you’ve been reading this the whole time and thinking, “Oh my, this sounds perfect, but I hate coffee!” I won’t hold it against you. Whatever your drink is, all I care about is that you are present and ready to go.

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Do you love a good deal?

ME TOO! So here is a chance to have me in your back pocket whenever you need me at a reduced cost! Get a Coffee & Clarity Punchcard (well, a virtual punchcard because we know we all lose them!)
With this deal, you buy 3 sessions and get 1 FREE!

Coffee & Clarity Punchcard
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