What’s on your list?


We’ve all heard people say that you need to write down your goals, but how many of us have done this… like actually written them down?

Sure, we think about them in our head or scribble them down during a presentation (which typically ends up in the hands of my twins with crayon all over it), but who has actually put their list out there where they can see it all.the.time?

Each year, I have gotten in the habit of putting down my goals in a spreadsheet- from ones that I know I will reach with ease to those that seem a little out there that I might think at the time are impossible.

Last year, while making out my list, I put down that I wanted a boat by summer 2017. As the year quickly passed by, I thought “oh well that was cute, but it won’t happen.”

Then… It did.

When you throw something out there, you never know what it is going to give you in return. God has a funny way of working that way. An opportunity to buy a pontoon presented itself at the end of last summer. Needless to say, we were quick to jump on the opportunity.

So this week, my husband and I took a week off for vacation- well, obviously I’m working a little if I’m sending out this blog to you, but you know I have an addiction to work. And a little side note, I haven’t taken this much time off in a row since our wedding almost 5 years ago (of course with the exception of maternity leave) so shhhh don’t tell him I was working!

This was the week to launch our new accomplished goal.

Although it wasn’t the exact dream pontoon we wanted, it still accomplished our goal. Note: be careful what you put out there- be specific… really specific.

So this week we launched “Mighty Mouse” as we affectionately like to call it. It was a goal. It was put out there. It was accomplished.

What is on your goal list?

Remember, you don’t want to look back and think, “I wish I would have written that down.” Do it now.

Angie Weber