What if we said yes?


Of course at this time of the year, we tend to look back on all of the things that happened last year and how we envision 2018. What can we do different? What things do we want to be the same? 

You know… the good. The bad. The ugly. And believe me there was all of the above in good ol’ 2017.

And yes, most of it was filled with the good… so much good and truthfully, I get a little teary when I replay it in my head. But I won’t pretend that I didn’t have some hard spots- I second questioned a lot of stuff when it came to biz, had self doubt come up like no other, and too many times the thought of, “what the F am I doing with my life?” played in my mind.

Yet, the thing that just blows me away is how far I have gone in doTERRA. Yes, a multi level marketing company that I would never have given the time of day to before. I mean those are all scams right?!

But now, I can’t even imagine how much I would have missed out on if I would have let myself get in my own way.

Before I get too mushy, let’s rewind for a second.

In the beginning of 2016, Tena had sent me a message and asked if I wanted to get on board with this whole doTERRA thing. She was ready to rock the biz side of it and gave me first dibs on being a part of it.

Wait, Tena’s getting into this? I guess I should jump in, too. #FOMO

So I did. I ordered my first kit and continued to order each month- my hubby got a little suspicious as the bottles started to appear all over our house. But over just a few months, I truly started falling in love with the little brown bottles. Yet, I was too scared to really jump into the biz side of it.

What will people think of me? I don’t want to be “that” girl who does a million and one things. (It’s okay. You can laugh- that thought is pretty ironic now.)

These thoughts consumed me until last December, when I taught my first class. Truthfully, I wasn’t sold on the biz side completely, I just wanted to do something that gave me a little “me” time away from the house. But after that first class, my passion got ignited.

Now fast forward to this last December, I hit my biggest rank, I was getting closer and closer to my goal of being debt free, my family had never been healthier, I met some of the most freakin’ fantastic people that I could shout it from the rooftops… well, you see I could go on and on.

All because I said yesYes to an opportunity that most of the time I would have laughed at. Yes to something that pushed me outside my comfort zone. Yes to something I knew nothing about.

And now look at me.

So what about you?

No, this is not a pitch for you to become a builder for doTERRA (although our team is pretty ah-mazing). This is a chance for you to reflect on opportunities that could be staring you right in the face, yet, you might just be getting in your own way.

So I will leave you with one last question. What if you said yes?

Angie Weber