Walk the walk.


I totally get excited when I get to hop on a consulting call with someone. As we dig in, I can totally envision the bigger picture of their business and then work backwards with them to develop the steps to get there. 

But have you ever told clients to do something and then you think to yourself, "Am I doing that for my own business?!" 

You know it's good advice. You know it works. But you get so "busy" that you don't put it into practice. 

I know I've made the joke before of saying, "It's like the mechanic's car- it's aways worked on last." Anyone else feel this way in their business? #RaiseYourHand

But we need to stop putting our business on the back burner or we are going to stunt our business growth. Believe me it will catch up with you... 

Just imagine if we put all of our own teachings into practice! 

Okay, so maybe you're reading this and you're like, "Hey Angie, I'm not telling anyone advice on how to grow their business so how does this apply to me?"

Let me throw another spin on it and put my oil loving hat on. You probably know that I am a total oil fantastic and even build for a network marketing company. 

If I could teach classes all of the time, I probably would! I love educating people on the wonders of oils and the swaps they can make in their home to reduce toxins. 

At a training I was at, I was reminded that in order to succeed we have to be a product of our product. And then it hit me I hadn't used nearly enough oils lately. I was getting caught up in a busy schedule and stopped taking time out to incorporate them into my life. 

My love was still totally there, but I just wasn't walking the walk. 

So how am I going to tell someone to use or do something if I'm not even following my own advice? 

Sure you can get by for awhile, but soon it will catch up to you. Yet, looking back at the ebbs and flows of business, when I am most successful is when I'm living my life (and business) by the practices I tell others to do. 

So regardless if it's a product or service, are you walking the walk when it comes to what you're offering? 

Angie Weber