Stop Scrolling.

Are you a victim of the social media rabbit hole? 

I'm just going to assume that you said yes because if you didn't there's a good chance you aren't be honest. 

We all say the same thing, "I'm just going to hop on really quick to check one thing on my FB business page." Then, fast forward 30 minutes and you forgot what you were doing because you got sucked into a group thread about the best recommendation on where to buy a dress. #BeenThereDoneThat 

Again, we all do it. Clients come to me with the question of how to be more productive when it comes to social media and I will tell you I've fallen victim before, too. 

So how are we going to change this?! 

Here are a few quick tips to keep you from scrolling mindlessly and keep on track with your Will-Do list. 

1. Don't reach for your phone right away in the morning. 

Ugh, I know it's so easy to just pick it up first thing in the morning. I have found myself turning off my alarm (which of course is on my phone) and I like to just lay there for a moment or two before the madness starts around our house. But instead of just basking in the silence, I click on that little blue icon and start scrolling. This has to stop. When you start your day with social media, it's just setting you up for disaster. 

2. Time it! 

If you are going to hop on social media, you must put a time limit around it. Whether that is using an app like "Focus Bar" or setting the timer on your phone, you can't log in with no structure. Know what you are getting done and put a time limit around or you are going to get sucked into craft videos for the rest of the day. (Not like I would know from experience or anything...) 

3. Plan ahead. 

You have to do more than schedule out a month of posts to get results from social media. It's all about building relationships, but with that you have to be consistent. However, most people leave their social posts to when they have cracks in their time. So they log on to make a post at that moment, freeze because the aren't sure what to put, then start scrolling to get "inspiration." Let's be proactive people! Set aside a chunk of time to schedule out as many posts as possible for the upcoming month. Then, when you do jump on to check up on stuff, you can use that time to actually interact and engage vs starting at a blinking curser. 

Social media, while a great marketing tool, can be a double edged sword when it comes to productivity. Stop scroll & start training yourself to be effective with social. You can always scroll in your spare time at night to dig into the latest celebrity gossip. 


Angie Weber