Shop Talk


Have you ever been in a place where everyone else was talking shop and you’re sitting over there like, “huh?”

Let’s back up.

I was at our mechanic’s shop along with 2 other men and the owner. The smell of coffee and grease filled the small waiting room. Casually, one of the customers started speaking in “truck talk” (as I like to call it). Something about an extended cab and engine details.

Honestly, all of the numbers, letters, models, and engines went way over my head. Now sure, I know how to put in windshield fluid, but not much more than that. And to tell the truth, there is no part of me that wants to learn more about any of this. #LimitedBrainSpace I just want to know my car is in good hands and it’s going to make it from point A to B when I enter a space like this.

But hearing this made me rethink how I am approaching meetings. Do I do too much “shop talk” when it comes to marketing? Does it go over the head of the person listening? Is this where I lose people in the sales process?

Whatever the “thing” is that you do, that thing that comes just so naturally and flows off the tip of your tongue, is your sweet spot. That’s why you get paid to do your thang.

But when we get wrapped up in our passion, sometimes we can give away a little too much information and go deeper than what the person across from us really needs (or wants) to hear.

Just like I only care about my car getting from point A to B, that’s how customers can feel about your product/service. They don’t want to know how everything works, they just care it actually works.

So I challenge you, the next time you are sitting down with a potential client, instead of geeking out fully (and yes, I know it can be hard!), really focus on what they need to know to trust in you doing biz together.

And here’s another hint; it’s okay to have silence during the meeting. But that could be a whole blog in itself…


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Angie Weber