No one showed up

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If you didn’t already know this about me, I am a total lover of essential oils & uber passionate about teaching classes on them.

So, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and plan a class at a totally new location. With that, I knew I’d had to think outside the box to get people there. I promoted it, invited people, talked about it; pretty much I thought I covered all bases.

On Monday morning, I grabbed my doTERRA bag filled with all the oil goodness and set out to a local coffee shop.

And guess what happened... no one showed up.

Ouch, right?! And because Minnesota is a little confused on what season it actually is, the snowstorm didn’t help.

After the (non existent) class, I had two options. One, be totally sulky and let it ruin the rest of my day. I mean obviously people weren’t interested because I totally suck. Come on... I know you’ve had those negative thoughts come through after an experience like this.

OR, I could look at it for what it was- a learning lesson. Was it a failure? You better believe it. But if you are going to fail (because hello we all do it!), fail forward.

Obviously, I took the route of the second option. So, a few takeaways I from this whole thing:

1. Promote it even if you think everyone knows... because they don’t.

Even though I thought I had covered all bases, I can see holes in my promotion plan. When it comes to a cold audience, you can’t slack.

2. Be adaptable.

As I sat there and the clock ticked, it became more apparent I’d be hanging out in the room solo. So instead of just leaving, I set up my phone and did a virtual class. Gotta love technology- you know, when it actually works. I might not got to pass those bottles around to people in person, but at least I got the information in front of them.

3. Consistency WILL pay off.

Yes, this first class at this spot was not a success, but doesn’t that happen in biz all the time? We throw something out & think it will go over like sliced bread… then nothing. THIS is where a lot of people make the mistake- they give up. Rather, this is the time to re-evaluate and retry. So yes, there will be more classes planned, better promotion, and more lessons learned.

So, my question for you, what are you going to do if no one shows up to your next thing?

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