Take a Look Back


I know everyone says don't look back because that's not where you are headed, but sometimes we have to in order to realize how far we've come. 

And today I'm doing just that. It's about to get a little personal... 

See today is a pretty crazy day in the Weber household as it holds a lot of special meanings. It's been 7 years exactly since we purchased our first home together and today we sign the papers to sell it. Then, shortly after that we will be signing papers on our new home. And to top everything else, it's my husband's birthday! WeI've always joked that the best present he ever got on his birthday was a house and now he'll be able to say he's gotten two. #WontEverTopThat

It has been on our minds for awhile that we would be moving from our first home- with two kids it felt like it was getting smaller by the second. But if you would have told me 6 months ago that we were going to be moving into what could possibly be our forever home right now, I would have thought you were crazy. 

Rewind to February where I was at a crossroads of what I was going to do with my career. I had taken a step back from a position that I was at for 7 years (maybe 7 is our lucky number?!) and had the constant guilt of how this would affect my family. 

You see, at the beginning of each year we make a family goal list and place it inside our pantry so it's constantly being seen. I remember standing there looking at it and feeling shame as I had put a wrench in every single one of those goals with my career move. 

What are we going to do? How are we ever going to be able to move? Did I make the wrong choice? Should I go back? 

It's no spoiler alert that I did not go back, instead I jumped into this venture of marketing consulting on my own. And it for sure has not been a smooth ride the whole time, but looking back it is exactly the right path for me. 

When we found the house that we will be moving into, we had to act fast as we had to get our house on the market ASAP. It was a crazy five days as we went though the house- it's amazing how much you accumulate in just 7 years! 

We were very blessed to be able to sell our house very quickly, but all together it meant I was checked out for about 2 weeks. But during the whole process I was so thankful of where I was at and being able to set my own schedule with being an entrepreneur. 

At the end of the whole process, I looked back at how much has changed in the last 6 months and took a moment to appreciate what I had gone through to get me to where I am now. 

And here we are, closing the door in Minneapolis for the last time and headed to the next chapter of our lives. 

So whatever is happening professionally or personally, remember it's only a season and one day you may look back on the little blimp on your timeline just to appreciate how far you have come. 


Angie Weber