Get Uncomfortable.


I'm sure you've heard the question that goes along the lines of "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it actually make a sound?" 

But since you came here for business advice, I will make this relevant. 

So instead think about this- If a goal is created but no one else is told about it, is it really ever going to get done? 

Sure some people are able to be self motivators and accomplish the goals the set for themselves. But let's be honest, that's a small percent. 

When we share our goals with someone who will make us accountable, we are more likely to accomplish them. 

There's even proof behind it! The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study and it was found that when you have a specific accountability party, you increase your chances by 95% to succeed. 

If we don't share what our goals are with other people, we will stay in our own head where we are comfortable. But that's not where the magic happens, right? 

When we throw it out there to someone else, it's human nature to not want to let them down. It adds another layer of passion behind the things we want to do. 

Just think about it- when you want to commit to losing weight or going to the gym a certain amount of times each week, it usually never happens when we just have that number in our heads. But if you join a gym that has classes and you are expected to come, it's less likely that you will skip. Even on those mornings when you feel like your bed is keeping you hostage. 

But hey, sharing goals is scary because what if you don't accomplish them?! 

That's where the whole uncomfortable zone comes in to play! If we don't change anything, we can't expect change to happen.

If you have not already gone out and found your accountability group or person, there's no better time than now! 

But don't just go spill your goals to just anyone. An accountability partner needs to be the right kind of person. They need to be able to push you and do exactly what the title says: hold you accountable. 

Most of the time this isn't going to be your mom who will cheer you on and say it's okay when you don't complete things that you said you were going to do. We know people like her mean well, but we can't have someone who is going to let us get by with excuses. 

When looking for an accountability partner, you need to look for the person who will get on you if you are slacking, create action with you, and be a constant communicator. 

On the flip side, when getting an accountability partner, you need to make sure you are up for the task for them. My first rule of being an accountability partner- don't suck at it! 

So go out there and find that person who will help you move out of comfort into awesomeness by sharing goals and accomplishments! 

Angie Weber