Feed + Weed


Do you remember the moment?! The moment you knew you wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Someone had recently asked me about this and I explained what happened a little over a year ago as I sat in a meeting for a tena.cious client. As this client was talking, something just… exploded inside me. I couldn’t explain exactly what happened, all I know is that day I knew there was something bigger in store for me.

And the thing is, this path doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone in their sane mind want to put in a bunch of money to grow something from the ground up that could take years to see a return on? I think we can all admit us entrepreneurs are a little nutty. But we might as well own it, right?!

After the major success of the before. conference, I finally felt like I had a little more time to pour into my baby Hello Life. I will be completely honest that it took the back burner in the last few months. Now is the time to start tending to it.

While I sat at a networking event yesterday, other biz owners were saying that growing a business happens one shovel at a time. You start with a big idea and you just have to keep working away at it. Hello Life has been sitting there in a big heap and it was time to start digging in again.

I realized that maybe I was letting it go a little too long + needed to get serious about feeding this seed.

Over Mother’s Day and like many other mamas, our family went to Home Depot to pick out flowers. It was completely blissful. Well, that is if you count 2 1/2 year old twins running around the garden center pulling flowers off the plants. We got a lot of ready to plant flowers (because hello, I’m inpatient), but also had some seeds to throw in there that I was given from my husband’s step mom.

When we went to plant the seeds, it reminded me a lot of growing a business. (Stick with me here, peeps!) The crazy thing is, I don’t even remember what kind of seeds I had been given, but I went ahead and threw them in. Something beautiful had to come out of it. I know that it is going to take a lot of nurturing to start seeing the progress of this flower. On top of feeding it, I would have to make sure nothing got in the way and weeding would be in my future (as much as I despise this activity).

So where’s the biz advice here? In your business, you have to keep feeding your seed- feeding it with leads, confidence, and new ideas. Some days might go better than others- you might start seeing a little progress to only have it washed out with a rain storm. But the important part is you start again the next day.

And those weeds… oh yea, you will have plenty of those in biz. They could be a bad fit client, issues with a vendor, or negativity from others. No matter what it is, the important thing to know is that they’ve gotta go!

So in honor of the planting season, I encourage you to take a look at your “seed” and really dig in (see what I did there?). May your season be full of bounty (aka lots of that cash money!).

Angie Weber