Drive By That Dream House


So confession, I do this all of the time…

One of my most used apps on my phone is totally as I’m obsessed with trying to find a new home for our family. I’m not sure how much more the hubs and I can take of running into each other while one is trying to brush their teeth and the other reaching for a comb. Plus add two toddlers on top of that… I think you get the picture.

After last summer, the first year of having our pontoon, my husband and I both agreed that the lake is our happy place. We couldn’t get enough of it and the lake we frequented most was Forest Lake- where I grew up and my parents still live. I said I’d never move back, but we find ourselves up there all of the time. We have the gas receipts to prove it.

And as I’ve surrounded myself with big dreamers and go-getters, I’ve learned to not limit myself. So I’ve got my mind set on finding our forever home… on the lake!

But have you ever been in the position of having this fantastically wild dream only to have people laugh in your face when you tell them? No?! Well, tell them you want to move into a house on the lake and you’ll find out what I mean.

Of course, again, because I surround myself with some pretty awesome peeps, I have had my share of people rooting me on the whole time.

But honestly, it has been hard not to slip back into that limited mindset when someone makes a comment like, “Well, have fun with those taxes” or “Oh… OR you could just move into a house close to the lake.”

Uh… hello?! Have you met me? I am totally stubborn with it comes to people telling me I can’t do something. 

So, as I’m keeping on the positive path and busy on, I found what I think is the house. It’s on the lake. It has tons of potential. It’s more spacious than our shoebox right now. And it’s on some land. Everything about it makes my heart skip a beat.

Except for the price. That is where the stumbling block comes into play. It is higher than we wanted to put down and honestly right at this moment is not doable. And no, I refuse to be house poor.

Again, I could totally scrolled past that house thinking it would always be out of the question. But instead, I clicked on it + scrolled through the pictures multiple times.

 So now, I’m throwing the intention out there whenever I can that we will be moving into that house.

» I have the view of the lake as my computer background.

» I have remodeling plans swirling in my mind. #ThanksFixerUpper

» I look at it multiple times a week thinking about what furniture we’d put out on the one deck.

» I imagine launching our boat for the first time off the doc.

» I see everyone in the yard for our Fourth of July party.

And yes, I drive by it every chance I get. 

See, when you make up your mind to do something, God, the Universe, whatever you believe in, will make it happen. You just have to keep the belief it will- no matter what those around you say.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I don’t want you to set your goals based on others’ limiting beliefs.

Now is your chance to set your intention. I want you to leave a comment and tell me what that; big, audacious, makes you scared to say out loud, yet lights up your soul, dream is.

And as far as our dream house…. well, I’ll let you know our move in date later on.

Angie WeberComment