Busy Equals Success

Busy Equals Successful.png

Did that title just give you a little bit of tension in the back of your shoulders? Yea, I felt it through the screen.

It’s okay- take a deep breath in & exhale slowly.

The truth is, just because you are busy doesn’t mean you are killin’ it in all areas of life. And on the flip side, just because you’re not running around like a crazy mama doesn't mean you aren’t thriving.

After all, isn’t it most of our dreams to have that schedule of flexibility & freedom? I know mine includes a sandy beach and vacations with my family (well… and maybe just a solo trip here and there with a drink in my hand).

Yet, we are so accustomed to feel like if we aren’t doing something at every minute of the day, we aren’t worthy.

I am totally guilty of having been one of those people at the networking event that answers the question of, “How are you doing?” with “OMG sooooo busy!”

Seriously, when did we start wearing this as a badge of honor?

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but I kept piling more and more on my plate because I felt like I was never doing enough. I was rocking with marketing, then felt like I needed something else so I added Hello Life. Then why not throw doTERRA on top of being a mom and wife? 

If i didn’t have a to-do list the length of my body, then I had it in my head I was wasting time and was failing hard at life. Plus, that lady over there seemed to have her sh*t together- what was I doing wrong?! Oh, the comparison game.

But as I piled more on my list, all that happened was my stress got higher, things started slipping, and the only thing thriving was my desire to run away from it all.

I made the decision to stop focusing on filling up my calendar and start filling up my cup.

Are you ready to get rid of this ridiculous belief that you have to be constantly going to prove yourself? Permission granted. Well, someone had to tell you it was okay otherwise you’d still keep going around in circles.

To get out of this rabbit hole, you need to start looking at your priorities. What are you saying yes to? And more importantly, what could you be saying no to?

Don’t just rely on the “shoulds” of business and life. Focus on the wants that will fill up your cup in all areas. And yeah, that includes your bank account- you don’t have to be sorry for wanting to make money. You started a business for a reason and it wasn’t to have an expensive hobby!  

Plus, I think we’ve all heard the saying of “work smarter, not harder.” Yes, please!

The only person who can stop the busy in your life is you. So, what’s stopping you?  

And let me tell you from someone who has been on both sides; success comes when you’re strategic not when you're busy.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a date with a 3 year old to make puppet shadows on the wall.

Angie Weber