Bring on the competition


Do you ever start sweating a little when you see some kind of competitor at the same event as you?

“Ugh, THEY are here!”

“What if people like them better?!”

“Are they going to steal biz away from me?”

Some kind of thought process such as those is very normal to run through your head. It’s okay, you don’t have to actually admit you are intimidated by them. It will be our little secret.

I’ll totally say I’ve been there before. But not anymore. When it comes to “competition” I embrace it with open arms.

And no, that’s not my ego talking and saying, “I’m the best at everything.” It’s the simple realization that we are not going to be the best fit for everyone. So instead of thinking it has to be one or the other, what if there was an opportunity for both of us? #StoryTime

I was at an event for the makeup line, Hello Life. I was standing there at the table with my makeup artist and a woman walked up with a very matter-of-fact strut in her step. As she approached the table, with her head slightly tilted up, she pronounced, “I’m just going to be straightforward with you. I’ve had a Mary Kay consultant for 30 some years.”

Now, I’m not sure if she felt that she had to announce this just so we wouldn’t twist her arm until she bought or what. Regardless, I chuckled a little bit to myself and politely responded, “That’s great! As you can see we have a very selective line so if you have found other items from another brand that you love, we are all for it.”

Yet, I know there are some that would have been instantly annoyed, maybe a little irritated, and thought, “Well then what are you doing here, lady?!”

But let’s get real- no one wears just one brand of clothes all of the time. No one eats just one type of food (that would get boring + horrible for your nutrition). So why the need to feel as though you are crossing enemy lines when using multiple services/products?

So I know what you are all thinking, “well, did she buy any of your stuff?!” Yes, yes she did. She bought two items and then circled back to buy a third. See, there is plenty of biz to go around, right?

Here is my challenge as we continue into 2018, embrace the opportunities that “competition” can bring and let’s leave our limited mindset in the past – that is so 2017.

Deal? Perfect!

Angie Weber