Be careful of your word next year


So have you heard what all the cool kids are doing?

They are picking a word for 2018!

Okay, so you might have already been on trend and have been doing this for years. But for those of you who haven’t, this is the prefect time to start.

But before you pick out the word that you are going to be ride or die to in the next year, I want to share how my word played out throughout 2017….

My word for this last year was Balance. (Please, hold your laughter)

The intentions behind the word was to come into a place where I didn’t have perfect balance, but where I had a peaceful flow between all of my things. I mean that can work with trying to run hard with doTERRA, grow Hello Life, and still rock at tena.cious?! Right? Anyone? Hello?!

Whoa. To sum it up quickly, this word taught me a lot over the 12 months.

I think the best way to describe how I felt through a majority of 2017 is to imagine yourself in a washing machine. It keeps going round and round and round and round.. well, you get the picture. Finally, when I thought that the cycle had passed, it was just about to start again. Nothing about those times felt like balanced anything.

Balance- not possible! Well, at least this is the thought others had pushed on me. Again, not looking for perfect balance here. Just some kind of balance. And the best imagery I heard over the year was to think of a tightrope walker- they have to have balance, but they constantly are readjusting to keep their sh!t together.

So even as some may have laughed at me, thought I was crazy to think I can obtain “balance”, I am still so thankful that I picked this word because it taught me SO much. I am going into 2018 knowing more than I ever have about the vision of what my “balance” looks like and where I never want to slip back into ever again- it feels real good.

As you pick your word and go through your year, don’t get discouraged if it’s not playing out exactly as you wished. Just remember, beauty can come from the smallest things.

Now onto a new year + my next word. So what is it? EMPOWER!

And this one is all about pouring into others. Empower. Empower. Empower « through everything I do.

Any guesses of what lesson’s I’ll learn in the next 12 months?

Angie Weber