Even Einstein Had To Learn His ABCs


Have you ever wanted to jump into something new, yet, you get completely overwhelmed by the possibilities that you get paralyzed?

Yep. Been there. Done that. In business, in life…

In fact, that’s exactly how I felt when I found my first doTERRA order on my doorsteps. I remember the box sitting over in the corner for a few days before I really even opened them up. Even though I so wanted to use them, I was just too overwhelmed by all the possibilities. I mean, lavender has about 1,001 uses for it alone. Where do you start?! What if I do it wrong? Am I messing this up? So many options! 

I will admit I even reached out to someone to make sure I was using the diffuser the right way. We all start somewhere, right?!

Now, little did I know that ordering that first kit would lead me on a wild journey over the next year. As I started to learn more, incorporating them into our home, and sharing about them, people started coming to me with questions. Crazy full circle, huh? 

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow twin mama and we sat over coffee, chatting about kids, hubbys, and of course oils. I left that meeting feeling more energized than I have in a long time because I was able to help her be more comfortable with the oils and start on her journey. Being able to share something I’m so absolutely passionate about gave me a breath of fresh air.

And if you think about it, that is why we entrepreneurs got into biz in the first place, right?! Because we have a passion, we see the impact it can make, and it feeds us.

So, what if I would have said no to the opportunity to even try the oils? Honestly, I don’t want to know the answer because crazy enough, as you are reading this, I am on my way to the doTERRA National Convention. Never would I have ever thought I would be writing those words.  

But regardless if you are talking about oils, a new social site, or fill in the blank, we have to remember no one is an expert right away. You have to start out as a beginner before you can be a master.

So please, don’t get paralyzed by the possibilities that you miss out on opportunity.

Leave a comment and tell me what your “thing” is that you are ready finally jump into- no holding back!

Angie Weber