Hello There.

I’m Angie: a mom of twins, a wife, a coffee addict, and an absolute fanatic about oils. My love of oils started over 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my twins & I was searching for ANYTHING to avoid me having a needle in my back (that just freaks me out!). So when a girlfriend of mine mentioned essential oils, I figured there was nothing to lose.

I grabbed up a few oils and had them rolling in the diffuser throughout my entire labor. And you know what? They were AMAZING! I was so calm & relaxed (I mean as much as you can be while in labor) that my doula was even in shock of how well I was doing. Long story short (because believe me the labor was LONG), I was able to do a natural un-medicated birth to bring my two babes into the world. 

But when I got home, the last thing on my list was to do more research about oils; I had two little humans to keep alive and needed to try shower once in awhile. And unforatntley, I just was not receiving any support from the source I got the oils (don’t worry, it wasn’t doTERRA!). So I used up the rest of the oils I had and went back to our normal routine.

Fast forward about a year later and we were doing “fine”- no big issues happening, no more than the normal sick days everyone seemed to be having. But when I was told about doTERRA, something inside me question if “fine” was good enough.

 Spoiler alert: it wasn’t! 

So before I even attended a class, I grabbed up my first kit from doTERRA and after getting a crazy amount of support, our house started swapping out the old with the new (aka natural products) and I realized that “fine” was anything but. Our health improved, those sick days no longer existed, our moods were better, and overall our energy was getting increasing everyday. 

After about a year of using, I realized others NEEDED to know about these things. So here we are! I can’t wait to help support you in your journey no matter where you’re at. Please, reach out with any questions you have- I’m here for you!